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Amazon eCommerce

Amazon eCommerce

ElphaSolutions offers complete end-to-end range of customized Amazon eCommerce solution ranging from Amazon Webstore design and implementation, eCommerce strategy, UPC Codes, Inventory management, Order management, content management, reporting, promotions, Search engine optimization and Analytics.

What is Amazon Webstore?

Amazon is the one of the biggest success stories in ecommerce today. They have redefined the way people sell online. Now, by leveraging their years of experience, technology insight, research and best practices in online retail, they have created a highly scalable ecommerce website platform called Amazon Webstore.

Webstore, is Amazon’s multichannel ecommerce platform offering that is built on the same technology that powers over a billion of their online transactions a year. It comes with its own hosting, payments, design templates and built in widgets to empower merchants across geographies to sell to a wide audience.

Why choose Amazon Webstore for your ecommerce website?

Amazon Webstore is perfect for any business looking to expand their online channels and comes with the following benefits:

*Partnering with an ecommerce industry leader
*Trust and security from Amazon’s branded secure checkout processing system. No third party gateway fees. Its all included.
The reliability and up time of Amazon’s highly popular, scalable infrastructure.
*Multi-channel sales and logistics. They offer everything from selling to promotion to fulfillment.
*24/7 Amazon support and guidance

How Elpha can help you with Amazon Webstore?

Elpha has unlocked the potential of this platform and helped sellers worldwide launch their webstores in record time with great success. Elpha’s all-in-one solutions help customers plan, launch and deploy webstores easily. Elpha provides LOGO designs, custom online Store designs and the custom implementation of these exciting designs on the Amazon webstore at affordable prices. When you combine Elpha’s professional expertise in creating designs, understanding and implementing the in-built features of Webstore and styling it to perfection, your webstore will look classy,professional and provide a great buying experience to your customers.Elpha’s webstores have helped customers make their web presence felt in a big way.

Elpha Offerings: Amazon Webstore Design Features

* Logo Design
* Custom Branding based on your specification
* Custom Splash page layout
* Jquery based sliders
* Carousels to promote bestsellers, featured products
* Scripts for specific functions like custom search
* Affiliate program linking (e.g. idevaffiliate)
* Sub header menu
* Social Media links
* Store search built into header
* Always-visible cart
* Custom category/promotion links
* Brands scrollbar (with Logos if required)
* Featured products
* Footer with specific links
* Google Analytics integration if required

Product Pages:
* Zooming product gallery
* Recently viewed products pane
* Related products panel
* Important information links
* Custom CSS Menu

Category Pages:
* Custom imagery for individual categories if required
* Custom promotion banners
* Custom CSS Menu

Amazon Webstore features:

* Create master layouts for key pages (store home, category page, product pages, static pages)
* Map products to multi level categories
* Search Engine friendly links
* Page by page Meta data as required
* Include Amazon customer reviews for Amazon catalog product
* Library of Merchandising widgets (such as recently viewed)
* Multi channel management – list to amazon.com/co.uk and your Webstore
* Share data across channels
* Sales overview dashboard
* Create cross sell items
* Import/export via CSV file
* Load product data from Amazon Catalogue data
* Create promotional areas across your store
* Built in powerful SEO optimisation
* Send product feeds to search engines
* Built in Omniture analytics
* Traffic & trending reports
* Customers can login and checkout with Amazon account details
* Inherit Amazon’s trust and safety

Amazon Webstore is the perfect multichannel solution for businesses looking to sell internationally. Driven by their powerful set of features one can sell products on Amazon.co.uk, Amazone.de, Amazon.fr, Amazon.es and Amazon.it and in addition, one can even decide which products one wants to display on amazon!

Professional Amazon Designers and Developers – The Elpha Difference

We’re professional Amazon Webstore Designers and Developers with demonstrated ability to design your amazon shop to your specification. Why limit yourself to the canned cookie-cutter designs or pre-defined templates? See how Elpha can use your ideas to create an eye-catching design for your store. Attract more customers to your store and keep them there. You don’t need to be a coder or know anything about html or css. Just let our designers and developers customize your amazon webstore. Once, they style the pages, deploy it on Amazon and test it, we will seek your approval. Once, we have your approval, your store goes live. We can help you get your dream Amazon Webstore design ready as soon as possible – sometimes in even less than 2 weeks. Why not experience professional level Amazon design and development at a great price? We can not only customize your store design but provide value added features like linking to affiliate programs, custom search parameters or custom CSS menus and more.